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Hello I’m Laurel Bennett, and I’m from United States, and in today ’s show, we’ll learn about what believed to be the worlds’ only writing system that belongs exclusively to women, and it’s hidden in the deep mountains of Southern China.Our journey begins on the quiet campus of Tsinghua University, and a professor who has devoted 20 years to sustaining the last breath of a precious language.While every other celebrity from the industry denies their evident relationships, Karan and Anusha are setting a trend of embracing the reality, fearlessly.However, Anusha has been at the receiving end of fans on social media who were quite against her and Karan.I wonder if we can unveil the mysterious Nushu, or women’s script here?Yong Zhou, located in southern China, lies 200 miles from Guangzhou, and is a place loaded with history.Following in Professor Zhao’s footsteps, we came to Yong Zhou, where the Xiao and Xiang rivers merge.Rivers are known to be the cradle of human civilizations.

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Here, women do not look very different from those in the rest of the province, and their Tuhua dialect, the dialect on which nushu is based, is also nothing special. Voiceover: Today, language study is not something that we would think women would be prohibited from taking part in, but that wasn’t the case a few hundred years ago.

Nobody can deny that this involves snooping on people in a way that would once have been unacceptable — and which would still be intolerable in countries with recent memories of totalitarian regimes.

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