Isabella model dating soccer

15-Nov-2016 04:24

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He played all games through the opposition, but accepted extra time goal in the quarter final against runners-up Argentina.we have also compiled a list of Hottest Female Footballers check it out.

Today, we’re going to take a look at 11 supermodels who dated pro athletes. But no, Linda’s a cosmopolitan chick, so she went with a French soccer player—namely, Fabien Barthez, France’s goalkeeper for their 1998 World Cup Championship as well as their 2nd place finish in 2006.She dated him for somewhere betwen 6 months and a year in 1999. It would seem, however, that this wasn’t so much a case of Roddick’s good luck rubbing off as much as it was a case of Brooklyn completely sapping Roddick of whatever luck he had.