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A spine tingling rendition of 'Green Fields of France' was the highlight of last night's Late Late.Finbar Furey and Christy Dignam stunned the audience, both at home and in studio with the beautiful cover of the classic track.If you want to sell your music on all celtic then you register it online via Our current header image was taken by Nick Bramhall and you can find the original here.A motor sports fan is facing jail for conning racing car drivers by selling them fake seatbelts.

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The acclaimed Irish folk artists three albums for Transatlantic Records, dating from 19, and the 1972 Dawn Records release of 'Dawning of the Day.

Most of the characters were then thrown into a slightly less crappy cartoon series we called "Fatpie" where we made three much longer episodes.

In 2004 I decided to give flash animation a try, and stuck one of my first attempts "Salad Fingers" on Newgrounds. I made a whole bag of other flash cartoons that were considerably less successful.

The Duo went on to join their other brothers band The Fureys in 1976, though Finbar left in 1996 to pursue a solo career. 1) The Spanish Cloak 2) Come by the Hills 3) Sliabh Na Mban ( The Mountains of the Women ) 4) Dainty Davy 5) Tattered Jack Welch 6) The Flowers in the Valley 7) Pigeon on the Gate 8) Graham's Flat 9) Leezie Lindsay 10) Piper in the Meadow Straying 11) The Curragh of Kikdare 12) Eamonn An Chnuic (Ned of the Hills) 13) This Town is not Your Own 14) Rocking the Baby 15) Rakish Paddy 16) The Hag With the Money 17) Castle Terrace 18) Madam Bonaparte 19) The Young Girl Milking the Cow 20) Fin's Favourite 21) Peter Bryne's Fancy 22) O'Rourkes Reel 23) Roy's Hands 24) Planxty Davy 25) The Bonny Bunch of Roses 26) Eddies Fancy 27) The Silver Spear. 1) Bill Hart's Favourite 2) Dance Around the Spinning Wheel 3) Let me go to the Mountains 4) Mc Shane 5) Colonel Fraser 6) The Lonesome Boatman 7) Carron Lough Bay 8) The Prickly Bush 9) Bogy's Bonny Belle 10) The Fox Chase 11) Drops of Brandy 12) My Lagan Love 13) Farewell to Tarwathy 14) Locks and Bolts 15) William Hollander 16) Crowley's Reel 17) Jennifer Gentle 18) Barney Hare 19) Her Father Didn't Like me Anyway 20) Reynardine 21) The French Drink Wine 22) Blackbird 23) The Dawning of the Day 24) Coppers and Brass 25) Tie the Bonnet 26) Sally sits Weeping.

Disc 1-Tracks 1 to 14 From Finbar & Eddie Furey -1968 Disc 1 - Tracks 15 to 27 From Traditional Irish Pipe Music - 1969 Disc 2 -Tracks 1 to 10 From The Lonesome Boatman -1969 Disc 2 - Tracks 11 to 26 From Dawning of the Day - 1972. The acclaimed Irish folk artists three albums for Transatlantic Records, dating from 19, and the 1972 Dawn Records release of 'Dawning of the Day.Carmarthenshire County Council’s trading standards team brought a case against him.

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