Creepiest dating sites

26-Jun-2016 11:38

tags:,,, dating, dating site,, love, okcupid,, romance,,,,, ugh, In an increasingly digitized world, it’s no surprise that dating has gone from “Where did you guys meet? ” With online universities increasing in popularity and Facebook stalking developing into an Olympic sport, I see no reason why dating can’t find a new home on the Internet.

While there are some downsides to online dating (maybe Steve has a reason behind his self-declared giraffe fetish that can only be explained in person), the practice is also helpful for busy individuals looking for someone special.

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On a scale from 1 to Mac Gyver, how compatible are you?But when it comes to technology, more isn't always better.New websites and applications have made it increasingly possible to creep on just about anybody.If said subject notices their picture on the site and wants to meet their photographer, they can exchange contact information and go on a date. While I’m sure the creators were going for a “Missed Connections” vibe, what ultimately came out will likely result in more restraining orders than dates. 3) Women Behind In 2009, the Internet exploded over reports about a new dating website that matched up users with convicted criminals who were serving jail time.

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Though the site, Conjugal, was a joke, that didn’t stop other people from thinking the concept was a good idea.

Google's Street View technology does more than capture mundane shots of city streets.