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One of the realities of teaching today is that most teachers work in classrooms with students identified with a wide variety of needs.We often focus on how to best accommodate our students with learning support needs, but when we welcome a student with emotional support needs into our classroom, it can really turn everything upside down.Found 179533 sentences matching phrase "accommodated". For accommodations "lodgings and entertainment," see accommodation. Beasley said he would do it, just to be accommodating, and by so doing made a blunder.Students with emotional support needs often don’t “play by the same rules” as other students.They don’t always follow our classroom procedures and they don’t adjust their behavior when we correct them–gently or firmly.It was distinguished by a large boot, made for the purpose of accommodating the Great Commoner's gouty leg.I ain't a-going to be accommodating to a boy that puts me off in the dark.

third-party delusions michael tomasky october 10, 2011historical examples the house she took was capable of accommodating several families, and she considered it a safe investment for her “earnings.” remarkable rogues charles kingston with an accommodating chaperon who knew no german, the couple could do and say what they pleased. zangwill but you would need an accommodating fool to make your fires, and an industrious philosopher to keep them burning.

to provide suitably; supply (usually followed by with): the officials were accommodated with seats toward the front of the room. to have or make room for: will this elevator accommodate 10 people?